About us

The group started up in the late 80s, when several women experiencing problems with human insulin got together to offer mutual support  

When/Where we meet? 

We meet about four times a year, usually for restaurant meals in central London, as well as offering peer support between meetings

What do we talk about?  

We talk about anything related to living with diabetes.  This could include insulin regimes; hypos; diet; eating disorders; exercise; complications of diabetes; depression; hormonal fluctuations and their effect on insulin requirements; pregnancy; relationships and the reactions of others to our diabetes.  Many women appreciate the opportunity to talk openly about their life with diabetes, to share difficulties and to learn from others’ experiences

What can we offer?  

For some women new to the group, it may be the first time that they have talked freely to someone else who lives with diabetes, or have talked about their own experience of living with diabetes.  Several women have mentioned how isolated they felt with their diabetes before discovering this group.  If someone expresses a wish to talk to a group member about their experiences of diabetes and such events as pregnancy or the menopause, for example, we try to put them in touch with a group member who has had that experience and can offer specific support/compare notes.

What participants say about the group?

•    The informality of the group and our meetings is appreciated.
•    Several members who have thyroid or other medical problems besides diabetes have said it was helpful to share experiences with other women who have such problems in addition to diabetes.
•    One newcomer said she valued the opportunity to meet others who had developed type 1 diabetes in adult life.